Dynamic speaker, a born life-shifter...

Dynamic speaker, a born life-shifter...

First light

As infants, we simply exist in life as we find it, unpolluted by the mind’s tendency to put a spin on everything. We’re at home with the ‘oneness’ of a flowing infinity. Do you remember that?

However, the mind steadily overlays that innocence with its (fake) nature of fear and desire. As we mature, the seeming loss of our authentic self leads to a dissatisfaction that is hard to understand.

seeking answers

That false overlaying ‘me’ (created by the mind) will then lead the search for a solution, driving us onward for answers. But it, the very mind, is in fact the problem.

My Journey

My life’s journey has taken a number of dramatic turns. And yet, in a curious way, none of it has surprised me. As if it was all meant to be.

Perhaps that’s because the undercurrent of reality which knows all things, was always like a shadow, close at hand. While the mind was unable to grasp, reality permeated again and again.

My Books

I’m so thrilled to have survived my tumultuous early life, and turned it into something for the good.

Nothing has given me more pleasure than to help others all along the way.

To find out how, grab a book, be inspired, and reach for the sky.


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Suggested Talks


(4 mins) Moments of Nirvana, featuring Charles Bukowski’s poem

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