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DisruptHR St. Helier 3.0 - Who the hell are you?

This was a dynamic 5 minute live talk with slides changing every 15 seconds which is the international Disrupt format. Pressure. Pressure. Pressure, but great fun Haha!

DisruptHR St. Helier 3.0


indigo warrior podcast - #mensmentalhealth

James talks about his journey from darkness into light, the false me, the true inner self and another kind of knowing.

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Spirit & soul magazine

How I found my true freedom.
After troubled adolescence, James discovered his inner self and the true essence of his life.

Female first magazine

How To Free Yourself From The Self-Created Identity
James Carre-Rice writes a piece for us upon the release of his new book Another Kind of Knowing.

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The Independent

‘Short, sharp shock’ ruined my life: Abuse victims describe brutal reality of youth detention centres under Thatcher.

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Mind Your Language – Harnessing the power of the spoke work to spark positive change.

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Why therapy, not custody, is the best way to tackle violent crime in the UK.

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BBC Three Counties

Care package for prisoners coming out and back into society – debate
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BBC Shropshire

Interview with James and what lead up to his early years in jail and the new book: Another Kind Of Knowing.

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