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within these xstreets james carre rice

Within These Streets

As a young man locked tight into the prison system, James Carré-Rice was high on the list of those who were expected to either kill or be killed.

Yet James knew that his violent identity was a fabrication, a robot in which he became trapped. Underneath was somebody entirely different.

Using his innate gift of ‘knowing’ which would open doors for him, he managed to get into a prison that offered psychological therapy.

After an incredible intervention – a ‘dark night of his soul’ –James defeated the robot (or false ego) that imprisoned him and emerged a completely new man.

This is the early, true story of his life within the streets of his hometown Liverpool, before he found his way out of the darkness.

Another Kind Of Knowing

When James Carré-Rice learned to KNOW something in his heart, and followed it against all the advice of his mind, he overcame mighty obstacles and achieved great things.

In this timely and inspiring true story, James teaches us how to access our own source of true ‘life’ and escape the bindings of the fearful mind.

“Who needs an external ‘devil’ when the groundless fears of an internal mind can rob you of everything.”

another kind of knowing james carre rice

“A heart-warming true story. Beautifully written in a style that keeps the reader connected throughout. A powerful mind opener.”


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