My Journey

from light to darkness, then light again; lessons in life from one awakened in our midst…

early doors...

I was born in Sefton Park, Liverpool in the sixties, a hard-working, multicultural sea port, bursting with international shipping.
From its midst grew a huge music scene led by The Beatles, along with comedians galore and two fiercely rivalled football teams; for a decade or so, it was the place to be.

However, as the city crested its wave and drifted into massive industrial decline, I grew out of childhood and fell into major problems of my own.

breaking free...

Custodial sentences came and went, I was as lost as a man can be. But when I found the solution that set me free, it completely blew me away.

The key was to realise that my ‘True Inner Self’ was trapped inside a false, outer personality that I’d constructed since childhood; a persona that was killing me.

Realisation of the True, caused the False to crumble and fall.

Almost 40 years later, I’m still free. 

it's within you...

Public speaking came as a surprise, and more especially the impact. In fact, I’d describe myself as an ‘Impact Speaker.’

The ground of people’s hearts is often hard and unyielding, therefore a jolt is often needed to break them free.

If you want to make a difference in this world, it starts with you.

Welcome aboard.

Great Reads

The full pulsating account of how James overcame impossible odds to find true freedom and fulfil all of his potential.  

Suggested Talks


Every little step along the way is important, but sometimes we need to catch sight of the end, non dualism.


The problem of being encased within something completely false, and never being the good and worthy person who exists on the inside.