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“A heart-warming true story. Beautifully written in a style that keeps the reader connected throughout. A powerful mind opener.”


“Very inspiring, being able to change your life around with just sheer determination. Thoroughly good read.”

Ian Sutcliffe

“The world of self-help is populated by ‘experts’ who seem to have solutions, but never actually faced the problems they are addressing in their own lives. Author James Carré-Rice is a notable exception to this rule. By his early 20’s, he was serving a fourth prison sentence for grievous bodily harm and was high on the list of those inmates that were expected either to kill, or be killed. As you read James’s life-story, you are struck by his commitment to catching out negativity in its many guises, and how it has clearly worked for him. In his early years, he effectively robbed himself of opportunities but now wise to that game, is not prepared to be the victim again. Another Kind of Knowing, the follow-up to Carré-Rice’s bestselling Within These Streets, will appeal to those who enjoy self-help books – especially those of more spiritual writers such as Eckhart Tolle. It is both a moving testimony and inspirational guide to finding the key to many of life’s problems, and finally unlocking the cell door.

Charlotte Caros (for

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